Semi-commercial Treadmill (GT7S) Power: 5.0HP
Speed ​​range: 1-20KM/H
Gradient range: 0-20%
Floor-space: 223*93*161CM
Effective use area: 154*56CM
Bearing capacity : 180KG
Net weight: 155KG
Gross weight: 231KG
Packing size: 96* 96*57CM
Product ID : GT7S


◆ AC frequency conversion motor for 5.0HP electric running.
◆It has dual safety protection functions for emergency stop and slow stop.
◆PU armrests are ergonomic, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly.
◆Using multi-window LED white light display.
◆New intelligent speed control system, high-precision infrared detection, intelligent speed control according to the running area.
◆Built-in 12 kinds of smart running programs; 3 kinds of custom modes.
◆With high-fidelity audio system and independent MP3 audio input interface.
◆Physique measurement function, convenient for users to exercise and assess body mass index.
◆Professional and concise operation interface, rich and convenient control buttons, and humanized system setting management.
◆All-round maintenance-free system such as automatic lubrication of the running platform, automatic tensioning of the motor belt and the running belt.
◆Using energy-saving electronic control technology, lower energy consumption and wider applicable voltage range.
◆New structure design, hidden mobile equipment support frame.
◆Using a new layered intervention, non-bearing shock absorber system.
◆With over-current and short-circuit protection functions, all-round protection.

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